Prize draws

Got a great prize and an engaged audience? Start a prize draw to raise funds for your campaign.

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Raise money & excitement with prize draws

Running a prize draw is a fantastic way to raise money for your crowdfunding campaign. A prize draw is like an online raffle - your supporters can enter for a low price, you’ll boost your fundraising, and you can give back to the people who’ve helped your cause.

Create a prize draw to engage your crowd, generate excitement, and raise more cash. We’ve even waived our platform fee for every prize draw; raffle off a prize and even more of the funds raised will go directly to your campaign. Get started today.

Start a prize draw

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Enter prize draw competitions

How to start a prize draw

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Create a prize draw

Create your prize draw, set your fundraising target and choose a closing date. Publish your T&Cs too.*

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Share your prize draw

Shout about your prize draw on social media, create posters, and encourage your supporters to enter to win.

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Pick a winner!

When the closing date arrives, randomly select your winner. You’ll then receive all the funds you’ve raised along the way.

*See our prize draw guidelines for the guidance you need to ensure your draw meets the legal requirements.

Prize draw success stories

Success story

Glastonbury Festival prize draw for Turkey-Syria

Glastonbury Festival teamed up with Oxfam GB to raise £1,044,190 from 46,392 entrants in just 21 days in aid of the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

The prize draw generated a significant amount of buzz, with many music lovers excited at the prospect of winning tickets to the famous festival.

Find out more

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For some of our teams who work directly on Turkey/Syria or who have a personal connection to the region this solidarity from thousands of people means a great deal.

Eddy Lambert, Head of Digital at Oxfam GB
Stump Cross Caverns prize draw

£100,000 raised

Stump Cross Caverns ran a prize draw to win a VW Camper. It was such a success than they've decided to run another – this time with a house as the prize!

Stump Cross Caverns prize draw

£75,000 raised

Edinburgh Zoo offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore the zoo, go behind the scenes with your favourite animals, plus a luxury hotel stay.

Stump Cross Caverns prize draw

£23,000 raised

Brompton, in collaboration with FOALS, raised over £23,000 with a one-of-a-kind bicycle in support of the Mental Health Foundation.

Stump Cross Caverns prize draw

£19,000 raised

The Outdoor Swimming Society offered up some fabulous prizes in their Christmas Cracker prize draw, going on to raise nearly £20,000.

Stump Cross Caverns prize draw

£50,000 raised

A host of Manchester United players including Cristiano Ronaldo came together to support UNICEF's Ukraine appeal, offering some fantastic money-can't-buy prizes.

How Crowdfunder prize draws work

Whether you’re a charity, business, start-up, individual, sports club, or community group, you can run a Crowdfunder prize draw to boost your fundraising campaign.

To get started:

  • Create your crowdfunding profile
  • Secure your exclusive prize
  • Ensure a free entry route
  • Create terms and conditions*
  • Share the excitement!

*terms and conditions must comply with our prize draw guidelines

By making sure your raffle-style prize draw has a free entry route, you won’t need a licence from the gambling commission, making this a simple, compliant way to boost your fundraising.

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Got a question about running a prize draw? Read our prize draw guidelines or visit our help centre for more information.


What is a prize draw?

A prize draw is a competition that people can enter to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize. At Crowdfunder, entrants donate money to your fundraising campaign to enter the competition. Once the closing date has passed, simply randomly select a winner, so everyone has the same chance of getting the prize. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Q: Why should I run a prize draw on Crowdfunder?

Anyone can run a prize draw on Crowdfunder. Whether you’re part of a business, a charity, a community group, sports club, or are just an individual - if you’ve got an amazing prize and meet our terms of use, you’re good to go!

What are the benefits of running a prize draw as part of a fundraising campaign?

The benefits of running a prize draw include:

  • Raise extra money for your campaign
  • Give back to your supporters
  • Generate extra excitement and awareness for your cause
  • Create a sense of community among your supporters
  • Accessible to all
  • No platform fees!

How do I set up a prize draw?

To set up a Crowdfunder prize draw:

  • Secure your prize
  • Create your prize draw page
  • Set your fundraising target
  • Set a closing date
  • Draft your terms and conditions
  • Launch your prize draw and spread the word!

Who can enter Crowdfunder prize draws?

Anyone can enter a Crowdfunder prize draw. Give back to a local charity, support a community share, or simply enter to win an amazing prize, all the while helping to raise money for a great cause.

What’s the difference between a prize draw on Crowdfunder and an online raffle?

Prize draws and online raffles are very similar, but different rules apply. Online raffles are considered lotteries, so you would need a licence or registration. This isn’t needed for a prize draw with a free entry route, as it falls outside of the Gambling Act.

What are free entry routes?

Your Crowdfunder prize draw must have a free entry route to be compliant. The most commonly used free entry route is entry by standard post (i.e. a first or second class letter or postcard), a standard (not premium) rate phone call or SMS, or entering for free on a website. 

How do I make sure my prize draw is a success?

Make sure as many people as possible know about your prize draw by spreading the word far and wide. Promote your page through your own social media channels, as well as any channels associated with the prize. Create posters, email your supporters and shout about your competition everywhere you go! The more people who know about your prize draw, the more money you’ll raise, taking you closer to your target.

How are prize draw winners chosen?

Prize draw winners are randomly selected. Crowdfunder doesn’t do this for you - the power is in your hands! We provide you with all the information you need to select a winner randomly.