Diversity and Inclusion

Where We Stand

Diverse and inclusive is not a box you can ever ‘tick’…

Crowdfunder’s mission is to tackle society's challenges, by making ideas happen. We connect projects that matter to people and companies who care.

We’re here to support diverse communities and to provide a platform for those who want to be heard; amplifying voices and impact is what we do.

We value the fact that each one of us is different, with different perspectives - and we want to reflect the diversity of the crowd we serve.

We recognise that we don’t all start from the same place - because advantages and barriers exist - but through Crowdfunder and crowdfunding, we believe we can offer greater equality of opportunity.

We’re creating an inclusive workplace culture, based on fairness, respect and honesty, because we believe leveraging differences achieves better results and better serves our crowd, our partners and our communities. 

As part of that, we’re committed to educating ourselves, and each other, on gender, race, faith, disability, age, sexual orientation and other areas of diversity to ensure everyone is welcome and feels valued in our workplace as well as in our wider Crowdfunder community. 

We recognise that ‘diversity and inclusion’ is not something that we will ever ‘achieve’. It’s not a box that can ever be ticked as ‘100% done’. 

Diversity and inclusion is an ongoing journey of big steps and small nudges that will create a richer community and place to work, and help us be a better business. 

We’re proud to be on that journey together.

*Information and guidance on the Equality Act 2010 

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As part of our commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, we have signed the Diversity Forum’s new Manifesto. Together we hope to work towards a fairer and inclusive society for all.